Meet The Team – John Hawley & Emily Cave

In our newest instalment in our Meet The Team series, we get to know duo John and Emily, who work in our labs at Newmor. John has been a part of the Newmor family for 30 years, while our Polymer and Materials technician Emily joined the team in late 2022.

At Newmor, nurturing the next generation of knowledge in the wallcoverings industry is very important to us; providing opportunities for local people to flourish and expand on their skillsets.

We sat down with John and Emily to get to talk about their work at Newmor, what they’re learning from each other, and the mentorship that John is providing for Emily.

John – you’ve been at Newmor for a long time – and Emily – you’re fairly new to us. How do you find working together with your different levels of knowledge and experience?


PVC formulating and product specifications is new to Emily, having previously studied chemistry, so it has so far been a stimulating time for me being able to pass on my knowledge and experience of the wallcoverings industry.


I am pretty new to the wallcoverings industry, whereas John has been in it for many years and is very knowledgeable with the technical stuff. No two days are the same and I enjoy learning something new from him every day!

Name: Emily Cave

Job role: Polymer and Materials Technician

Time at Newmor: 7 months



Angle, Pembrokeshire. We have a family holiday home there and it’s my favourite place to go and unwind by the sea. No phone signal & no wifi = bliss!


Going on walks with my dog Koda. He is a Welsh Collie and loves being out in the fresh air. We love going for mountain hikes, seaside walks and exploring new places.


The Harry Potter series. They are such a classic. The books and films came out while I was in school and I think I must have read them about 10 times each since then.


Name: John Hawley

Job role: General Manager

Time at Newmor: >31 Years

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland:

My son Darren worked in the laboratory during the summer whilst he was studying chemistry at Manchester University. It gave him valuable experience and supported him in his studies.



I like to cook a lot of food at home, especially for my family and friends. I cook Indian, Italian, Chinese – loads of different stuff!


The local pub. I’ve lived in Welshpool for 30 years so it’s great to socialise at the local – and I enjoy drinking a good Scotch Whiskey.


I enjoy visiting my kids and grandkids in Lancaster, which is where I studied chemistry at university.


A big thank you to John and Emily for taking part in our meet the team series. Keep an eye out for further instalments!