Spotlight on Iona Crawford

Drawing inspiration from her Scottish roots and rural upbringing, Iona’s Crawford’s painterly prints aim to capture the Scottish landscape and her profound connection to the natural environment. From her studies in fashion at the Edinburgh College of Art to finding international acclaim with exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, London, Beijing, and New York, Iona’s work elegantly balances vibrant prints and colour with rich fabrics. In our exclusive interview, we discuss her distinctive approach to print design – translating original artworks into cloth, wallcoverings, and furnishings, including her exclusive collection of commercial wallcoverings with Newmor.

With a fearless commitment to individual style, a global design sensibility, and an unwavering dedication to quality, Iona’s work has stood the test of time in a highly competitive market. We sat down to find out more about Iona’s career, inspirations, and influences.

Pictured Above:  from Iona’s collection with Newmor Left – Poise, and right- Secret Door


How did you get into Art and Design?


Mrs Carberry, my high school art teacher, was a magnificent influence on my early passion for painting. I remember taking a trip to Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. Most children chose portable media such as chalks or charcoals. I packed an entire trunk of paints, and multiple brushes, sat on the floor of the gallery and painted an ornate Japanese silk kimono… It was then I first realised my ability and the escapism felt through painting. From there, my love of fashion and art collided, leading to my determination to study Fashion Design in as expressive a manner as possible, at Edinburgh College of Art.

Pictured Above:   Left – Alan  from Iona’s collection with Newmor, and right- Iona’s own work


What inspires your work?


Life, experiences, culture (both far-flung and door-step) and natural form in its every expression ~ limbs, botany, marine life, minerals and precious metals…

Pictured Above:  from Iona’s collection with Newmor Left – Cultivate, and right- Tropics


You are a proudly Scottish Designer – how do your roots in Scotland influence your work?


I grew up on a farm in the Scottish countryside, with a family who ventured coast to coast on outdoorsy adventures. Rock pooling, mountain climbing, forest foraging and living very seasonally on the farm. All of these elements played a prolific role in shaping my love of nature, exploration and discovery.

Pictured Above:  from Iona’s collection with Newmor; Alan.


What key lessons have you learned as an established designer, and how has your design style developed over your career?

My style has evolved to embrace curiosity, imagination, and expression. As fine art is typically derived from a concept or viewpoint, my work evolves from an initial notion, experience or observation related to life. My process has probably always been this way, just that age and experience has gifted me the confidence to translate more expressively through my work. And so, my lessons have been to trust initial instincts, to be confident in the process, and to lean into the unknown.

Pictured Above:  Left – Iona’s own work, and right from Iona’s collection with Newmor – Weekend in blue


You’ve worked on a wide variety of projects in different parts of the design industry throughout your career. Which projects stand out the most to you and why?


The variety has been vast and colourful. We worked on an incredible South African Game Reserve in 2020, also the Carlyle Hotel in New York (my all time favourite). More recently Barclays Global campus in Glasgow, alongside Gensler Design Team in New York, and custom design for a Gaylord resort hotel in Florida. Each and every project we work on, both in the UK and Internationally, no matter the scale, is significant and embraced by our studio.

Pictured Above:  from Iona’s collection with Newmor Left – Secret in Pale, and right- Weekend in blue


The interior decor and print market is so highly competitive. What do you think is it about your brand that has made your work stand out from the crowd and given you such success in the industry?


A poignant question. As a design studio, we are not afraid to follow our instincts and express our individual style, whilst responding to and constantly reflecting on our aesthetic and approach. We work closely with wonderful representational showrooms and agents in each market we cover, to ensure our approach is tailored to meet the design sensibilities, and styles favoured within each territory. Beyond design, we pride ourselves on exemplary product quality, paired with high standards of customer service and honest lead times.

Pictured Above:  from Iona’s collection with Newmor – Secret Door


Quickfire favourites:

Place – Paris, Tokyo and home in our garden in Glasgow’s leafy South side with my two children, Joni and Lauri.


Food and Drink – Champagne, Langoustines and fresh sourdough.


Music – Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder.

Pictured Above:  Left – Iona’s own work, and right – from Iona’s collection with Newmor- Kintore


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