Meet the team – Neville Kite and Ben Evans

In this month’s installment of Meet The Team, we get to know Nev and Ben, who work in crucial roles in our quality control and system management departments at Newmor.

Quality control and system management stand at the core of Newmor’s production process. As a proud UK manufacturer, we meticulously scrutinise every product, to uphold the highest standards for our customers. This unwavering commitment to quality makes team members like Ben and Nev invaluable to us.

We sat down with them to talk about their work at Newmor, what they like most about their roles and their life outside of work.

You’ve worked together for 18 years at Newmor. Thats a long time! What is it like?

Ben: I have worked with Nev since I started at Newmor, and he has always been the go-to for any issues and problems. He has such big technical knowledge and understanding of our systems as he’s been here for so long. He’s really easy to get on with and is very approachable. He’s a great person to work with.

Nev: Me and Ben have worked together for some time. I find working with him very easy and we get on well.


Name: Ben Evans

Job role: Quality control inspector. Responsible for daily quality checks and random spot checks. I do test hangs of each product giving final approval on colour, emboss, pattern match and overall finish from all angles and lighting conditions to ensure the product meets our high QC standards.

Also developing new systems to aid production. I recently introduced a training program for the reel off department and Neville and I are currently working on a new database for print cylinders and emboss rollers.

Time at Newmor: 18 years



Hobbies: In my spare time I have a demanding springer spaniel named Travis. He’s a rescue dog who at the age of around 10 is still desperate for a long run in the field every day. I’ve had him for about 9 years and he hasn’t slowed down – just keeps getting fitter!

I’ve started a fitness routine for myself with help from another employee, Dan McBride who is a former PT instructor. He’s helped by creating a meal prep plan and basic workout program for me.

I enjoy gardening growing vegetables in the spring and summer months like broad beans, runner beans potatoes and carrots.

TV: I’m a sports fan; I enjoy watching football, Wales rugby and Formula 1.

Name: Neville Kite

Job role: Projects / Systems. Responsible for looking into buildings, machines and systems to maintain or further process / product development. This includes working closely with Compliance / Quality and Maintenance to achieve effective controls / development.

For example myself and Ben are currently in the early stages of developing a database to include Print and Embossing information.

Also looking into the automatic braking systems with Maintenance.

Time at Newmor: 35 Years.

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland: Yes – My Father in law who has sadly passed away and my Brother in law.



Film: My favourite film genre is horror. It all started in the early 1980’s when I saw Alien and Jaws for the first time. My favourite horror film of all time is the first Nightmare on Elm Street – it was the first horror film of this type and introduced Jonny Depp into the film industry. My favourite Horror franchise is between Halloween and Scream – they have held the quality (mostly) throughout!

Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy walking with my wife and my two dogs; Woody a Huntaway border collie cross who is six, and the newer addition of a farm rescue pure Welsh border collie, Jess, who is Two. I recently converted a van to a campervan so we also go away for weekends to the nearby Welsh coast. I also enjoy DIY projects and I am in the process of refurbishing the house and garden.

TV: I enjoy watching Moto GP and have watched it from an early age, I have been to several race meetings with friends at Silverstone and Donington Park (back in the day). My favourite rider was Valentino Rossi seeing the development and popularity of the sport sky rocket From his first race in 1997 to his last in 2021.


A big thank you to Nev and Ben for chatting with us.

Keep an eye out for further instalments of our meet the team series!