Husband and wife duo, Chris and Suzanne Carpenter, AKA the Patternistas. Creative, inspiring, and joyful, this dynamic team are anything but bland, their award-winning studio has built a reputation for creating eye-popping, decorative products and spaces that stimulate the senses and put smiles on faces.

Designing for both commercial and residential interiors, much of their work is influenced by their childhood experiences of living in exotic countries; Suzanne in Zambia and Chris in Singapore.

“At an impressionable age we each experienced a spirit soaring, culture shift that left us with a love of bold pattern and vibrant colour. The people in those diverse communities seemed so beautifully flamboyant and awe inspiring that we’ve been on a mission to stand out, rather than blend, in ever since”, explains Suzanne.

Never short of inspiration, Chris advocates that design as a lifestyle not just a job, “At home or abroad, on a bike or on foot, night and day, our life is an intense game of I-spy; peering at ripples in puddles, staring at shadows of trees. Collecting, absorbing, recording, creating; patterns underpin how they see the world.”

Based on the graphic exploration of natural forms, the Newmor Patternistas collection of five eclectic designs can be recoloured, re-scaled and printed onto any of our wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

Wallcovering designs by Patternistas

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