Carpets, rugs and carpet tiles for commercial interiors

We have partnered with Halbmond Carpets to add quality carpets for commercial interiors to our offer. For more than 140 years, the name Halbmond has represented quality. Halbmond’s corporate philosophy encapsulates traditional values, a rich heritage and innate pride in the quality of their products with state-of-the-art technology, creative freedom, social responsibility and the ability to meet the most individual demands.


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The high quality of Halbmond carpets ensures that they remain durable for many years and suitable for use even in high traffic areas.

All of our carpets are CE certified. There is a wide selection of specifications, all are fire rated to at least Cfl, most of them to Bfl. 

Our products are made of high-quality polyamides and free of allergens and irritating substances. 

Carpet has a positive effect on acoustics, helping to significantly reduce the noise level as well as the reverberation times. The optimal effect can be achieved with our Felt 1000 backing, which achieves a footfall sound reduction of up to 31db. 

Carpeting also has ergonomic benefits in comparison to hard flooring – pressure and impact is reduced.


We are able to produce designs in an endless variety with only four primary colours in a digital process with our 4-meter wide Colaris and Chromojet printers. The printed colour penetrates all the way to the base, meaning high durability and minimum wear and tear.

Significant investment in the latest high definition, total pile penetration print technology allows us to produce bespoke carpets of the very highest quality, and keeps us at the forefront of design and technological innovation.


Alongside all of our collections we have the technology to create bespoke designs based on your own ideas or using your artwork.

STEP 1: Briefing

You have an idea? Draw a sketch. Take down notes. Collect material such as cloth or paper. But most of all: talk to our designers about your ideas.

STEP 2: Design

Our experienced design team will implement your ideas, plan colours and provide you with a print.

STEP 3: Planning

You will receive a project sample. From there we can fine tune the design and colours.

STEP 4: Production

Our factory print your product in the highest quality. The laboratory prototype you confirmed will be an obligatory template for colour, design and quality.

STEP 5: The final product

After sample approval, manufacture and quality checks, your carpet will be dispatched.


Reconciling economic and ecological responsibility has always been part of our corporate philosophy. Halbmond is audited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. At the same time, they voluntarily submit to one of the world‘s strictest test and inspection systems – certification by GUT (Association of Eco-friendly Carpets).

Our GUT certification ensures that our products are regularly tested for harmful chemicals and emissions. We are required to strictly comply with ecological production standards and to meet our responsibility to ensure clean air and water supplies. Additionally, we have committed to permanently improving all environmental aspects of our production processes – such as recycling and making economical use of valuable raw materials. This has already been achieved 100% with the Xtra acoustic backing: it is made entirely of recycled felt.


HealthcareFeaturing a waterproof backing and in a variety of specifications. Suitable for high traffic areas with excellent acosustic properties.

OfficeA wide selection of stocked designs alongside an extensive selection of bespoke options, all available with a selection of base materials and specifications.

MarinePremium wool quality, IMO and fire rated carpets with highly effective acoustic qualities. 

HospitalityA wide selection of stocked designs alongside bespoke options, all available with a wide range of base materials and specifications perfect for the hospitality sector.

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