The Modern Office

We couldn’t agree more with Architonic’s latest report on office design. Gone are the days of drab business parks and soulless cubicles. Today’s offices are all about creating an attractive and uplifting work environment, inside and out. Bold, geometric forms and compelling facades characterise a new cohort of office buildings internationally, whose cool, professional dress signals the fact that they definitely mean business. As did this year’s SDS18, industrial surfaces, natural materials and customisation were all key trends we picked up on. And, we’re please to report that our new Project binder brings you these latest trends in wallcovering in one place.

Industrial Surfaces

Concrete textures, metallic infusions and reconstructed surfaces were big trends at SDS18. Newmor’s Project folder includes five favourite textures that capture this look, from stone effect of Messina, to the stippled concrete of Axis and Newmarket, to the metallic grains of Purlin and Seville.

Get the look (left to right): Messina | Axis | Newmarket | Purlin |Seville

Natural Textures

Brining balance to the industrial trend, we saw lots of natural surfaces and textures at SDS18. Newmor’s Project folder features five easy to use collections. Whether you choose the organic chunky texture of Shimo, the loose weave of Calico, folded fabric of Faro, slubby silk emboss of Artus or the vertical lines of Riga, each collection comes in a range of metallic and iridescent tones.

Get the look (left to right): Shimo |Calico |Faro |Artus | Riga


Having the ability to create a unique space is crucial, bespoke wallcoverings can truly transform a space. Whether we start with your design, or you select from our exclusive library, we can digitally print bespoke wallcoverings to your specification. Recolour, resize, mix it up – the possibilities are endless. Newmor Custom is also a great place to start, a range of trend-led designs which can be recoloured, rescaled, and printed onto any of our wallcoverings including textures, metallics and window films.

Best of all, an office environment creates an opportunity for conversation and a platform to share ideas. Write ‘n’ Wipe is a dry-erase wallcovering supplied by the meter, installed like a standard fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering. Cover a small area or an entire wall, an effective and durable alternative to whiteboards Write ‘n’ Wipe can be used on flat or curved surfaces.

Read our latest case study on how the headquarters at Super Snow S.A in Poland were transformed using bespoke wallcoverings.

Contact us if you’d like a copy of the Newmor Project folder, we’d love to hear from you.