Meet the Team – Paul Evans & Owain Peach

We’d like you to meet Paul Evans & Owain Peach. Together they run our main gravure wallpaper print machine.

Paul has been with Newmor for almost 22 years, he’s enjoying being a mentor and sharing his knowledge with Owain. They make a great team!

How is it working together?


We work together well and click, the days go really fast because we enjoy working together. Being Owain’s mentor is a great responsibility and sometimes challenging, ha ha it’s nice to know that I’m important in someone else’s eye’s apart from my wife’s!


I love my relationship with Paul he’s a great boss, he’s made me feel really welcome here and treats me with respect. He encourages me to think on my own but is there to help support me when things don’t go to plan as there’s a lot to take in, in the world of printing wallpaper! Although he’s my boss he’s become more of a friend.

Name: Paul Evans

Job role: Print Supervisor

Time at Newmor: Nearly 22 years. I started in 2001 working in samples where I was welcomed with open arms which made me feel at home instantly as part of the Newmor family. There I was nurtured and my knowledge for the business grew. Whilst some days are testing, the time has flown by. But everyday is a school day and you can always learn something new. I look forward to the next 21 years.

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland: My father worked at Dixon Turners and he got me the interview for the job in the wet studio.



I love food, I love cooking it and I love eating it. I really like dining out with my wife, especially if there’s somewhere new to go but Wagamama’s is a favourite. The best food I ever had was at the Michelin star restaurant The Kitchin in Edinburgh.


I’m partial to a pint of beer, the darker and stronger the better although I am a complete lightweight. When I’m feeling adventurous I may indulge in a tequila or two. I enjoy going out with friends often stopping by The Coleham Tap then The Belle Vue Tavern for drinks and sometimes ending the night with a Chinese.


I recently just got back from Mexico for a friends 40th Birthday. I visited the ancient Mayan ruins, sunbathed on the beach and got slightly seasick on a Catamaran. I had an amazing time and would go back in a heartbeat.


Name: Owain Peach

Job role: Printer

Time at Newmor: 2 years



I’m a big fan of Indie music. I’m going to see Coldplay live this Summer in Cardiff for the first time. Jamie Webster is always at the top of my Spotify playlist, his album ‘We Get By’ never disappoints!

Football Team

I am a huge Liverpool FC supporter and love to see them play when I can. A highlight was seeing Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield to get through to the Champions League final. Steven Gerald is probably my all-time favourite player.


9 times out of 10 I’ll drink Guinness on a night out, it’s always my go-to drink! I love hanging out with mates, you’ll probably find me at the Kings Head in Guilsfield or on a night out in Shrewsbury.