Trends round-up from Surface Design Show 2016

This year the Business Design Centre was buzzing with architects, interior designers, manufacturers and artisans – showing off their new designs, scouting out the latest products or looking for surface materials to specify for projects. Our design team got their cameras out to seek out the latest trends, and he’s what we found:

Crafted Geometrics

mixed geometrics

The new geometrics are skilfully crafted and artisanal… hexagonal and box shapes are key, and materials include solid marble, wood, brass, leather and concrete. We particularly love the lacquered and relief surfaces from Solomon & Wu.

Engineered Wood


Engineered and crafted surfaces on walls, floor and furniture. Wood tends to be pale and the raw surfaces we’ve seen are starting to become more processed and, as a result, more durable. We were charmed by the beauty and simplicity of Caroline Hough’s timber and resin creations.

Tiles and Blocks


From rusted tin ceiling tiles, to skin effects, stark white cubes and multicolored hundreds and thousands – as long as it’s block shaped, anything goes. Pintark, with their collection of surfaces handmade in India, were a notable newcomer to the show this year.

Relief Patterns

relief1Crackled, etched, bubbling, moulded, stamped, embossed… We’re all about texture, so of course this is our favourite look. Metallic tones feature heavily, alongside bold white constructions. Take a look at Graphic Relief’s stunning moulded concrete panels.

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