Trends from London Design Festival

Our design team have been busy taking in all the sights and sounds of London Design Week. From woods and metals to surface textures, looks and colours, here’s a round up of what we found at DesignJunction,  Decorex, 100% Design, Tent & Superbrands and Focus…


Paint effects – running ink, tie-dye, marbled paper, watercolours, splattered velvet, muted and secondary palettes.



Reclaimed wood – raw painted trunks and stumps, burnished tiles, edges and cracks finished with resin, reclaimed flooring, gilded wall panels.


Green – in every shade, strong botanical influences, tropical, forest and desert tones, teals, petrol, sage, chartreuse, set off with golds, terracotta and burgundy.


Folded paper effects – origami fixtures, folded felt acoustic panels, mirrored geometric surfaces, scored and folded metal lighting, tromp l’oeil.

pinkPink – flesh, rose quartz and plastic pinks paired with raw surfaces, gold, which and pale woods


Blue – everything from deep black indigo,  to electric cobalt shades, pale washed denim and pales powder blue.


Textile effects – tapestry, lace, knitting, crochet, woven, wall hangings, printed tiles, rugs, window films.


Gold – takes over from copper as the new metal, polished and brushed effects, lighting, ornamental objects, furnishing, fixtures.

Watch this space for our new designs launching in November. Come and visit us at the BCFA Open , Manchester, 26-17th October and  Sleep, London, 22-23 November.