Introducing Textile Effects…

Our new collection is inspired by textile surfaces and prints, and organic vegetable dye hues. Each of the 14  commercial quality fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering designs has its own unique emboss which enhances the textile appearance.


ArchiveThis marbled paper design has been influenced by end papers used by bookbinders. A useable smaller scale take on the marble trend which is available in a range of tonal colourways and iridescent inks.


A playful geometric honeycomb pattern has a tailored weave emboss. From white and shadowy tones to vibrant fuchsia… each has a metallic highlight. We particularly love the sepia with hints of brass.


InterwovenAn architectural emboss inspired by basket weave. The metallic inks capture the light for a tonal moire stripe effect. Warm silver, champagne, 18ct gold and garnet hues.


manuscript blogThe soft glow of luminous silk, with a detailed vertical embroidery design and metallic threads to catch the light. Available in eight versatile colourways, including warm silvers, copper, plum and bronze.


messina blogThis chunky raffia weave emboss has a vertical metallic print which adds depth and texture. We are particularly taken with the Verdigris colour-way, and there are 13 more contemporary colours to choose from.


Moxie blogAn eye-catching contemporary take on a classic trellis design. Printed in contrasting tones of gold, lemon, aqua, vanilla and silver on a cotton weave texture.

Moxie Metal

moxie metal

One to steal the show – the same mid-scale trellis design as Moxie, printed on mirror metallic Mylar. Available in four stunning colour-ways, don’t miss the black and gold for full on drama!



A shimmering vertical emboss, enhanced with pearlescent inks and a stylised wood print. Earthy shades of umber, caramel and sienna dominate the palette.


omega blog

Layers of matte and metallic prints are built up on this fine silk emboss for an on-trend organic look. We love the deep peacock and moss tones.


savvy blog
Metallic inks are used in this loose weave design to create a shimmering, crackled effect. The texture is a slight stipple and the colours are soft and glowing.


stationary blog

This design has a fine silk texture with a contrasting large scale stylised weave print. Available in 12 colourways – 8 gauzy neutrals with four bold accent colours.



A stylised chunky plaid effect with metallic highlights which accentuate the intricately textured surface.


TunnelThis overlapping wave texture looks structured and architectural up close, but has an organic tactile appeal from a distance. Pearlescent inks accentuate the effect and fresh, bright tones dominate.


workkshop blogTweed effects never go out of fashion, and this warp and weft design, which comes in in tonal or contrasting colours, is a contemporary take on the look. The 12 colour-ways are inspired by tones found in nature.

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