Public spaces are great destinations for local communities and it’s essential that those spaces get the love and attention they need in order to inspire and make people return. We loved working on the interiors at West Norwood Library, a space that received a new lease of life with a customised version of our Patternista’s Secret wall covering.

Suzanne Carpenter from Patternistas said “We loved creating the patterns that make up our Newmor collection and are particularly pleased that the range can be custom coloured and scaled to perfectly fit with customers’ interior design schemes.

Our Secret pattern is a large leafy repeat inspired by woodland walks and secret gardens and we were over the moon when Daniela Hislop of Design Concept requested a custom version of the design for West Norwood’s children’s library in London. Design Concept are specialists in the field of library design and they like to give every space something unique and uplifting. We were asked to incorporate illustrations of six woodland creatures into the large leafy pattern. We created the artwork for the fox, owl, squirrel, hedgehog, butterfly, and ladybird and ensured that the client was happy with them before we placed them in the background.  We then custom-scaled the repeat so that the foxes stood atop the bookcases and repeated perfectly along the wall. Newmor offer stunning quality print, excellent customer service and very efficient turnaround times which meant that the paper could be installed in time for the opening. We’ve had lovely feedback from both children adults who seem to be enjoying the space immensely.”

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