Newmor add a botanical touch to Piencone Pizzeria, LA

Piencone pizzeria spans 4,500 square feet, boasting cool, laid back interiors based on the principles of biophilic design, and supplying local, seasonal produce.

The airy, minimal design is the first thing that draws you in. Large windows flood the space with light, while high ceilings and white cladding add an industrial edge.

A spectrum of greens punctuate the space through planting, tiles, upholstery, and artwork. Newmor bespoke wallcoverings provide the main feature wall. Our Watercolour Botanical wallcovering is a large-scale digitally printed design, part of our customisable Watercolours collection.

Michelle Wilton, owner, says “Our community is so important to us, and our goal with Piencone is to create a concept deeply rooted in that camaraderie, from the warm and inviting design of the space, to our incredible team, who will fuel the welcoming environment for local families and guests alike.”

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