A secret venue, kept hidden from most of the public for almost a century, has been given a new lease of life by architect, Percy Scott Worthington. The Freemason’s Hall has been resurrected as what is set to be one of Manchester’s leading event venues. The architectural features of the hidden gem have been preserved but the building’s rooms have been given an elegant makeover.

A series of stylish restaurants and bars, including The Mason’s Restaurant, now fills Manchester Hall alongwith conference facilities and suites for weddings, private functions and corporate events. Despite the transformation, the Freemasons will remain in the building and will keep the entire third floor as their domain.

We supplied our Crescendo fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering in the Mason’s Restaurant. The chunky chevron emboss in velety electric blue makes a dramatic impact on the space. The brief was to channel a vibrant club atmosphere with a modern airy twist, while honouring the history of the building. Traditional features have been retained such as oak windows as well as the signature Freemason’s monochrome mosaic flooring, alongside contemporary styling including the impressive brass and marble bar and luxurious green velvet upholstery.

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