Spotlight on Augustus Kotei: Bridging Art and Design Brilliance

Re-Introducing Augustus Kotei, a remarkable artist and interior designer whose journey unfolds at the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship. Graduating from the Chelsea School of Art and Design, Augustus has seamlessly blended his artistic talent with his interior design skills over the course of his career, collaborating with designers and manufacturers alike; including collaborating on a series of commercial wallcoverings with Newmor.


From bespoke surface designs that grace global projects, to his mastery of liquid metal, resin, plaster, and paint, Augustus brings a touch of the unexpected to interior projects. With a keen eye for cultural exploration, architecture, and landscapes, his creations are a fusion of tradition and innovation.


In this exclusive interview, we delve into Augustus’ creative realm. Join us as we uncover the inspirations behind his distinctive style, from traditional symbols to cutting-edge digital tools. Explore the evolution of his career and the passion that fuels his designs.

Pictured Above:  from Augustus’ collection with Newmor The Flow Awkakening


How did you get into Art and Design?


By working and collaborating with interior designers and architects who noticed my talent and eye for detail in design. I then enrolled into the Chelsea School of Art and Design, that’s where it all started! I gained more experience by attending design workshops, seminars, and networking with interior decorators.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor Staying Strong


What inspires your work?


Taking photos of nature, architecture, and Landscapes. Exploring my own cultural background and studying different cultures inspires my artistic directions. Traditional symbols and storytelling are the sources of inspiration for my work. Exploring new digital tools: creative cloud, Vectorworks and new material techniques pushed the boundaries of my work.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor Cascade


What is your favourite medium to work in?


I create decorative finishes and artwork using resin as my medium due to the continuous flow of creativity it produces. Resin allows me to create stunning, vibrant, and three-dimensional artworks. Its transparency provides a unique depth and luminosity that can enhance the visual impact.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor World Revolves


What lessons have you learned as an established designer, and how has your design style developed over your career?


Communicating, research and working with professional artisans around the globe has shaped my design style and contributed to my growth as a professional. Lessons learned include understanding my clients’ needs, which has taught me to ask meaningful questions by listening attentively to gather insights.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor The Flow Awkakening


Have there been any projects in your career that have pushed you out of your comfort zone? Talk to us about them!


Project managing for a different industry such as shop fitting was challenging, requiring extensive research and understanding the project was intense. For example: a project in Elbe shopping centre in Germany by SAGO UK to design the decorative finishes for Hollister shop alongside the difficulty faced with the language barrier.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor Deep Dreams


How do you balance your work as an artist and interior designer? Does one lead the other?


Working as an artist and a designer can be very fulfilling because of the natural synergy between the two fields. My artistic skills can greatly enhance my work as an interior designer, as I have a unique perspective when it comes to creating visual compositions, understanding colour theory, and expressing creativity. This can be evidenced by the current project that am working on creating hand-painted Wallcoverings collections at my new studio in Italy.

Pictured Above: from Augustus’ collection with Newmor Cascade


Quickfire favourites:


Place – Milan


Food – Risotto alla Milanese


Music – Classical music. Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Great for my artistic work


TV show – James Bond series (especially the ones starring Daniel Craig), the “Mission: Impossible”

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