Spotlight On 2LG: A Celebration of Joyful Minimalism

In this edition of our ‘Spotlight On’ series, we were thrilled to sit down with Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, the visionary duo behind 2LG Studio.


Hailing from South East London, their studio has flourished in the realms of residential and commercial interiors, design consultancy, and styling. Their collaboration with Newmor Wallcoverings birthed a collection of striking designs that embody their core values of simplicity, elegance, functionality, and their signature use of colour.


At 2LG Studio, their creative process is an open door; With one eye on the past and the other on the future, Jordan and Russell believe that each element in a space should have a distinct voice that speaks about its inhabitants. Their philosophy aims to empower people, fostering an environment for growth and happiness by surrounding them with expressions of their true selves.


As we venture into the world of 2LG, we uncover how their holistic approach to design has not only transformed interiors but also led them into the realm of surface design. Join us as we peek into the minds of these vibrant creatives and discover the inspirations that fuel their distinctive design style.

How did you get into Design?


We both met as actors, we studied acting and worked in that industry for 10 years. We soon realised we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together so wanted a career change. We both loved design and it was a natural fit for our skills, collaboration, creativity at the heart of both!

Pictured Above Right: 2LG’S Wallcovering Arch Pink


What inspires your work?


Everything. Art, music theatre, fashion music. We love people and stories, colour is also a huge driving force.

Pictured Above: 2LG’s Wallcovering Sketch Mint


What designer inspires you the most, past or present, and why?


We love the freedom and raw talent that was Alexander McQueen. Vivienne Westwood too. We have huge respect for Dimore studio and Kelly Wearstler. Also Yves Saint Laurent.

Pictured Above Left: 2LG’s Wallcovering Steps Pink


How do you think design – yours in particular – fits in in the modern design world?


Our design style has become known as Joyful Minimalism, which sounds like a contrast. We love to work with colour and pattern, not often associated with minimalism. But I guess that is our niche. The driving force for our work is always our clients, its like getting into character as an actor. Learning what makes people tick and what interests them is what excites us about the work we do.

Pictured Above Right: 2LG’s Wallcovering Sketch Lilac


How do you find balancing being surface designers and interior designers? Does one lead the other?


They are one and the same thing to us. We apply the same rules to any aspect of design, then throw them all out of the window and follow our instincts.

Pictured Above Left: 2LG’s Wallcovering Arch Mint


Design is a journey. What would you say have been the highlights of your career in the design industry?


So many, Working with such amazing brands like Ligne Roset and Ercol. Travelling the world, meeting so many like-minded creatives and making friends across the globe, all lead by design.

Are there any trends in design that you’re particularly enjoying at the moment?


We hate the word trend. Stay true to you and what you love. Good style never goes out of fashion. Trends date instantly.


Pictured Above Right: 2LG’s Wallcovering Small Circles Pink


Quickfire favourites:





Place – Italy


Food – Tomato pasta in Italy


Drink – Red wine, God so many I can’t choose!


Music – Max Richter


Movie – Goonies


TV Show –  Succession was amazing!





Place: Home.


Food: Vegan Lasagne made by Russell


Drink: A glass of Picpoul, super cold


Music: Christine and the Queens


Movie: Beaches


TV Show: Any real housewives, it’s my guilty pleasure.

2LG’S new book ‘Making living Lovely- Free your home with creative design’ is available now.

Book Photography by Megan Taylor

Portrait by Beth Evans


To explore more of 2LG’s work, visit their website at, and don’t miss the opportunity to discover their exclusive collection of wallcoverings here at,

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