Sleep Event 2017

We had a smashing year at Sleep for our 50th anniversary show… Stonehill Taylor designed the winning Sleep Set, which featured our wallcoverings and we were very excited to be awarded The BCFA’s Best Stand at Show prize. We showcased our new wallcoverings, and previewed a couple of new designs from our next Newmor Custom collection, launching in February.

Newmor designs (top left to bottom right): Leaves, Plateau, Harmony, Herringbone, Agate, Palm, Loom, sneak peek, Rough Concrete, Illusion

Winning Sleep Set by Stonehill Taylor 

To explore this year’s theme of ‘Loyalty: Lessons in Love’, the designers were tasked to create immersive guestroom experiences that challenge barriers, perceptions and emotions. Stonehill Taylor asked us to supply floral wallcoverings for the circular storage pods within the room.

The concept was entitled ‘Hotel IRUS’ and centred on the transcendence of national and cultural barriers to celebrate multiculturalism and a unified global community.

President of Stonehill Taylor, Vince Stroop said: “Hotel IRUS reflects and draws from a multicultural wealth of inspiration that is designed to honor the environment, embrace globalization, respect cultural differences and create a unique experience regardless of user or location. And, to underscore the approach of building an engaged world community, The Hotel IRUS  vision has been designed  in New York, crafted in Istanbul and will debut in London.”

Newmor designs (left to right): Floral Geo, Secret Door by Iona Crawford, Cuvee Rose by Iona Crawford, Watercolour Botanical

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Show round-up

With newcomers, established names, larger manufacturers and bespoke artisans all gathered together to show off their newest and best loved designs, there’s always loads to see at Sleep. Here’s a few things which particularly caught our eye…

Patternistas for Johnson Tiles

Johnsons Tiles launched their brand new collection designed in collaboration with design duo, The Patternistas. The designs, true to their signature stylised look, include marine creatures, art deco effects, honey bees, mandalas, magpies and botanics.

Art Deco

We spotted loads of art deco inspired patterns at the show this year. Scallop designs, pretty geometrics and an abundance of black and gold.

Curtis Furniture

We loved Curtis’ bold and tactile backdrop showcasing finishes from their stunning range of furniture. We particularly enjoyed the mid-century styling.

Shaw Contract

Shaw exhibited their new Canvas concept. Canvas gives designers the opportunity to bring to life any design in any colour in crisp and photo-realistic detail.

Sleep Bar

Created by Sundukovy Sisters studio the Sleep Bar design emphasised the importance of human interaction in eliciting loyalty between brands and individuals. The design used reflection and light to suggest the infinity of mankind while capturing the inner world of each guest in a moment of time.

So that’s a wrap for another year, we’ll be back at Sleep in 2018. Our next show is Heimtex in January where we’ll be showing our new Newmor Custom range, a selection of new textures and previewing our next Newmor Designer! In the meantime contact us on or 01938 551 990 for more information, custom orders or samples.