Show round-up – Heimtex 2016

Another busy year at Heimtex, with lots of new products on show. A huge thank you to everyone who made it, for those who didn’t here are our highlights. The overall Theme for 2016/17 is WELLBEING, we’ve taken the 4 key elements and show how they translate to our some of new designs for 2016.


Purity, lightness and silence found in shades of day or night. Newmors muted tones and structures of Herringbone, Concrete, Sorrento, Triangle and Beetle fit this trend perfectly.


Intense, vibrant hues uplift a kaleidoscope of pattern. The high and low contrasts of Newmor Triangles and the latest Secret Door design by Iona Crawford have stamina and vitality.


Celebrate the beauty of a green hue and its environmental elements. Beetle by Newmor encapsulates the love for nature inspired design, whilst Herringbone and Shoreline capture natures raw textile colours.


Deep, generous colours with metallic accents of brass and gunmetal. Hues of copper and gold illuminate the new structured Sorrento tile and rust textures from Newmor.

See the inspiration behind the WELLBEING trend:


For information on our new products and other fabric-backed vinyl designs please contact Eleanor Cardwell, Newmor Marketing Manager.