Chunky raw weave inspired surface


Chunky raw weave inspired surface

Colours: 1278RV-opal

Colours: 1279RV-agate

Colours: 1273RV-carnelian

Colours: 1280RV-tourmaline

Colours: 1282RV-pearl

Colours: 1286RV-hematite

Colours: 1287RV-snow

Colours: 1288RV-powder

Colours: 1289RV-almond

Colours: 1290RV-walnut

Colours: 1291RV-desertsand

Colours: 1292RV-rawsienna

Colours: 1293RV-sunglow

Colours: 1294RV-grannysmith

Colours: 1295RV-rainforest

Colours: 1296RV-aquamarine

Colours: 1297RV-caribbeanblue

Colours: 1298RV-brusheddenim

Colours: 1299RV-ruby

  • Roll Sizing:
  • Pattern Repeat
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