Japanese Silk

Stunning real silk wallcovering

Japanese Silk

Stunning real silk wallcovering

Colours: N1001

Colours: N1017

Colours: N1015

Colours: N1018

Colours: N1019

Colours: N1021

Colours: N1013

Colours: N1014

Colours: N1035

Colours: N1004

Colours: N1005

Colours: N1049

Colours: N1050

Colours: N1044

Colours: N1007

Colours: N1048

Colours: N1051

Colours: N1002

Colours: N1006

Colours: N1008

Colours: N1011

Colours: N1033

Colours: N1003

Colours: N1034

Colours: N1031

Colours: N1030

Colours: N1009

Colours: N1039

Colours: N1043

Colours: N1041

Colours: N1010

Colours: N1038

  • Roll Sizing:
  • Pattern Repeat
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