Nomad – eclectic global patterns

Nomad is our latest Newmor Custom collection… layers of texture, pattern and metallics create an eclectic global look. Artisanal crafts, ikats, natural surfaces and landscapes, all in an earthy vegetable dye palette. These designs, and all of the designs from our Newmor Custom range can be resized, recoloured and printed onto any of our base materials including textures, colours, metallics and window films.


The look buzzwords – safari, jungle, travel, bohemian, handcrafted, sustainable, tribal patterns, mudcloth, skins, heritage, weathered, weaves, wood, brass, batik, desert, tropical, geology, alpine, rattan, Eastern, kilim, ikat

Colours – this trend doesn’t rely solely on the use of natural colours and organic materials, dark tones, burnt oranges, ochre and acidic hues add extra dimension.


The Designs


Agate – hand painted by our design studio, this stylised geode design comes in earthy neutrals.



Palm – this huge scale shadowy palm print looks stunning printed on our multi-faceted metallic Sorrento wallcovering



Tribe – a muted tribal print inspired by African mud cloth patterns and basketry



Mountain – handpainted in our studio, this Japanese influenced mountain landscape makes a real impact.

Some more designs to get the look:

nomad-standard(Top row) 1. Tupelo  2. Rough Concrete  3.  Alacha  4. Fenn  5. Malay  6. Origin  (Bottom row) 1. Zenith  2. Evergreen  3. Herringbone  4. Harper  5. Arbour  6. Workshop

See the full Newmor Custom collection here. You can order free samples online or contact us on 01938 551 990 or