Newmor’s Custom Capabilities

At Newmor, we recognise that in today’s competitive international market, commercial interior designers are continually tasked to create unique and immersive hospitality spaces. As the largest independent commercial wallcovering manufacturer in the UK, we have enhanced custom services, so you have the tools to unleash your creativity, with a service structure that enables you to specify custom design with confidence.

What makes our custom capabilities unique is that as well as investing in state-of-the-art digital print, we have developed a pioneering wet studio – where we can produce production quality custom samples of textured vinyl wallcoverings. You can now specify bespoke digital and traditionally manufactured wallcoverings with greater design integrity, even for smaller projects.

Our design and manufacturing facility is structured to support any project timescale and budget and has ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

Based in mid Wales, our business benefits from a skilled workforce with many decades of experience. As well as investing in our custom capabilities, we also hold one of the largest ex- stock commercial wallcovering facilities in the UK.

We have seamlessly connected our design studio, proofing operation (with a mini emboss library), to produce strike offs for approval, even for small runs. Thus, reducing the overall carbon footprint within our design and manufacturing process, and of course in the delivery to UK projects.

Our new Custom Capabilities Brochure dives into our full range of custom services and offerings, whether that is our world-class wet studio and mini-embosser, or our leading custom Digital Design Studio collection and in house digital design team, who are on hand to recolour, rescale, and digitally print custom designs onto a host of substrates including textures, metallics and window films.

Click below to read the full brochure and to find out more about the unique custom services on offer at Newmor Wallcoverings.