Staff blog! Tracy tells us all about the Newmor Design Studio

Our Design and Warehouse Manager, Tracy Jones, talks us through life in the Design Studio, Print Room and Wet studio.

Design Studio:

The design studio caters for all areas of the company’s design needs, producing bespoke artwork to match clients briefs as well as offering a recolour service of all existing Custom & Designer artworks along with developing new ranges working with our Development and Marketing managers to meet recent trends and preparing new artwork to engrave cylinders for conventional use in our factory.

Bespoke artwork can be produced to suit any client’s requirements, we use a mixture of Photoshop/Illustrator & AVA software to produce designs which can be coloured to match any colour palette required, colours can be matched to Dulux, RAL, Pantone, NCS etc. which allows the customer a greater scope to tie in the design to furnishings on the project. Designs can be created using photos, illustration and hand-drawn artwork as required.

newmor design studio

The design studio is run by a group of talented designers, each bringing their own skills to the role. From our very experienced designer, who has worked with Newmor for over 25 years to a Cardiff Met University 2017 Graduate, giving us a wide scope for understanding client briefs and meeting trend requirements.

Print Room:

Our printers are able to produce high-quality UV cured ink finishes over a large selection of different bases which highlight a full range of embosses to suit our client’s needs. We are able to manufacture in running metres, trimmed to widths and lengths, which match the requirements on-site or as panels to be hung in sequence on-site, delivering a product that is simple and fast to install on time-critical projects.

Our Print Room is operated by our very experienced printer who has clocked up 43 Years with Newmor and is extremely experienced with the bases we use as well as the printers used to manufacture to project requirements.

newmor print room

Wet Studio:

Our Wet Studio is able to mimic the full production in our factory to produce handmade samples matched for colour, emboss, weight, etc. this allows a customer to prepare a brief for their exact requirements, we are able to refer to our large library of existing print and emboss cylinders and match to an unending colour wheel.

newmor print studio

All strike-offs are produced by hand matched on suitable bases and coloured using hand-mixed inks to replicate how the product would be manufactured through a full conventional production this allows us to offer the customer a sample that is not only colour matched but is also at the quality they would receive when manufactured.

Our strike-off service allows us to offer high-quality designs very quickly giving us the opportunity to provide a service to designers and clients alike that will fit into any timeline needed.

newmor wet room

Our Wet Studio consists of two Experienced colourists both having worked within the Newmor Group for many years with a vast experience of not only colour and design, but also the processes used with our main manufacturing which allows them to provide the best possible options for all design needs.

See all of our designs here or contact us on 01938 552 671 or on to discuss your project.