Newmor Design & Colour Trends, 2023

We are delighted to present an overview of our colour & design trend observations for 2023. Our design team use these trends throughout the year to develop our textures, patterns and colour palettes

This forecast comes after a year of many challenges we have faced as a society. Our trends forecast addresses a desire for security, nurture and for finding moments of joy.

We hope you find them useful and inspiring.


Terra Firma,

Terra Firma translates as solid ground. This trend connects us with the earth and is safe and reassuring. It is reflective of the natural world, comforting and nurturing the warm tones are not only uplifting, but also very practical and versatile. Organic textures and finishes are key to this trend.

Key colours: tan, oxblood, sage, terracotta, rust, brown, and olive nude pink.

Designs that fall into this trend include: the Tanner collection, a realistic leather design, our award-winning Sanctuary collection, which is inspired by the natural world, as well as tactile textured designs seen in Zenith II and Acacia.


Royal Flush

As the name suggests, this androgynous trend is both polished and sophisticated celebrating master craftmanship and regal flair. The inky blues are lifted by gold, brass, and marble finishes and enhanced by delicate patterns.

Key colours: sapphire, blue & white, black, navy, gold, brass

This androgynous trend sees the burnished distressed metallic effects of our Sorrento and Jakar designs sit alongside the delicate laced metallics in the Mantelito collection.Other designs that link to this trend range from the structured geometrics found in Art Deco Concrete Tiles to the interictally drawn botanical bouquets of Bloomin Marvellous, and damasks in our Kensington collection.


Walking In Sunshine

Harnessing the power and optimism of the sunrising on a brand new day and the feeling of warmth on your skin. This uplifting trend embodies a joyous mood boosting palette of warm bright and rich amber hues which are enhanced by sun-drenched nudes.

Key colours: amber, mustard, terracotta, salmon, nude pink, rust brass gold. The shot of black elevates the palette.

This trend is optimistic and cheerful, the designs that reflect this range from the witty Tern design created by design duo the Patternistas, to the larger than life Argyle mural by artist Leigh Bagley and the beautiful Alacha Ikat stripe by Ptolemy Mann.


Dark Matter 

Our Dark Matter trend encapsulates the elegance and sophistication of liquid metal and petrified wood, creating a super moody ambience. The colour palette and textured sculptural design influences in this trend are captivating and reflect a sense of intrigue and intimacy.

Key colours: ebony, slate, pewter, brown and rust

Designs that fit this trend include the structured geometric patterns from Quadra and Landscape Geo designs, as well as the organic flow of World Revolves designed by Augustus Kotei.



builds on our 2022 Metaverse trend. This trend promotes wellness, selfcare and sustainability. The almost translucent ethereal colour palette is easy to use across all types of commercial interiors. We wanted to harness the positive impact of technology both in the digital and physical world, so whilst this trend is futuristic it is also soft and accessible.

Key colours: pink, tangerine, mint, mauve, white, mica

There is an array of designs that fit into this trend. From the inky hand painted tiles in our Water Colours collection to the calming clouds in Nimbus in our Sanctuary collection.


Vintage Find

Is an eclectic melting pot, which honours enduring patterns we have loved through generations. With a focus on Great British design and craftsmanship, the muted vintage colour palette sits perfectly with this nostalgic throwback. Perfect for pattern clashing or drenching if you’re feeling bold and don’t forget the ceiling!

Key colours: sage, duck egg, blue, mauve, nude pink

Our latest designer collection John Morris, is tribute to British heritage design but delivered with a twist. This flair and flamboyance can also be seen the  Trompe-l’œil Menagerie, where birds and botanical motifs adorn a panelled effect, to bring us a sense of fun and grandeur. These feature designs pair comfortably with the tartans and tweel designs.


Dopamine Rush

Dopamine is a natural hormone that the body releases when we’re happy, bright colour and bold pattern are mood boosting and motivating. With hints of the plastic fantastic Barbie core trend and confident graphic pattern, this trend is full of fun and delivers a natural high.

Key colours: pantone viva magenta, fuchsia pink, neon, primary bright colours glossy finishes

Designs that fit this trend are simply fabulous, as the distinctive patterns from artist Lois O’Hara, and design duo the Patterinstas drench our walls with colour, and our fun splattered Get Arty – Pollock paint design.

Hope you’ve been inspired, please download our Trends 2023 look-book to find out more.

Newmor Trend Forecast 2023