Newmor 2018 Colour Trends

See the eight colour trends we predict will have the greatest influence in interiors this year.


Greenery was Pantone colour of the year 2017 and has gone from strength to strength. This trend is all about bringing the outside in, whether it’s colour or the ever-growing trend of botanical and tropical flora and fauna.  As it’s all about connecting with the environment, the key design element botanical.

We tip the softer more muted tones of sage and khaki as being the new neutral, as beige-green becomes a staple interior colour.

Metal mix

Metallics have been a strong trend for a while and aren’t going anywhere. This season it’s all about mixing them together adding hints of gold copper and silver to a design to give it a multi-dimensional and super luxurious feel. The key design element marble effects.

Into the blue

All shades of blue are in this season from the dark sumptuous jewel tones to the soft powdery more muted coastal tones. This majestic colour lends itself to all types of interiors, we see the  moire as the key design element.

Pretty pastels

Sophisticated grown up pastels are big this spring summer. Soft clean shades of blush lavender and sage green complimented by striking notes of teal and khaki enhanced with micas and pale metallics. Our key design element geometrics.

Global eclectic

This trend is about celebrating imperfections it’s about hand crafted. Soft geometric shapes come from anywhere in the world and not one specific place, all enhanced by the spicy warm pallet with a key colour in this trend being orange which pairs perfectly with mocha. We see hand drawn imperfect geos as a key design element.


Grey tones are now a staple in all colour palettes, but we need to make sure that we keep them warm and inviting with added elements of gold pewters and silvers. This is a very sophisticated core colour palette that we will to incorporate in all new designs, our key design element abstract floral.

Cut the mustard

Tones of mustard and yellow are still on trend this fresh optimistic and joyous colour teams perfectly with grey and is a welcome uplift in unstable times. Geometric is our key design element.


Ultraviolet is Pantone colour of the year 2018, this strong vibrant colour adds drama, intrigue and intensity. Whether it’s used as an accent or the main colour in a design scheme it’s definitely a show stopper. Key design element is moody floral.

We’ll keep you posted on colour and design trends as we visit trade shows and continue our design development journey.