New Wallcovering Designs for October 2023

Industrial Luxe and Elevated Craft Inspire our May 2023 Launch

Our brand new stocked collections Oxford, Piazza and Raffia, encapsulate the high-end luxe and rich palette of our Royal Flush trend, whilst incorporating elements of elevated craft.

Our new digital designs are inspired by industrial luxe – with stone, metal and wood being elevated into a unique and dramatic collection of murals.

See all of our new designs and more on our website, or read on to dive into the inspiration behind our fresh designs for spring.

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Introducing Oxford – a design that pays homage to the timeless Oxford cloth, a hallmark of classic tailoring. Oxford cloth has a basket-weave structure and a lustrous aspect. 

This design draws inspiration from the meticulous craftsmanship and precision that define the tailors of London’s Savile Row. With a sharp and clean aesthetic, this fabric effect design is elevated by the addition of micas and metallics which add to its opulent nature. 

The palette is muted and elegant with a broad selection of neutrals, punctuated by the stronger tones of copper, moss and indigo.  


Piazza’s sleek lines and metallic finish glisten like the windows overlooking the heart of a bustling town square. Evoking the grandeur of the stunning piazzas and architecture in cosmopolitan cities found around the world. 

This new emboss is full of intricate detail which catches the light from different angles. The geometric linear pattern has a subtle all over effect.

the luxe colour palette consists of warm and sophisticated tones with accents of steel grey, chocolate brown copper, olive and rich gold.


Introducing Raffia – a tribute to the time-honoured craft of raffia weaving. Born from the rich traditions of Madagascar, this design captures the essence of this ancient art form, bringing the warmth and authenticity of natural craftsmanship into your space. 

Traditionally crafted from the dried leaves of the raffia palm, our take on Raffia weaves together tradition with contemporary design in a tactile matte finish enhanced by a deep woven emboss. 

Available in 6 natural colourways inspired by the raffia palm, and enhanced by the matte finish of the emboss. 


Our new digital custom collection Industrialis (meaning industrial in Latin) is a refined 3 dimensional collection inspired by the quiet luxury trend. Beautifully bold yet sophisticated designs enhanced by textured & mylar bases combine intrigue and elegance with a distinctive industrial influence. Wood, stone concrete and metal feature in this dramatic collection which celebrates raw materials and artisan craftmanship. 

Bases have been carefully selected for this collection that compliment and amplify the designs essence and 3D quality. 


All of these products are made by our experts in our factory in Welshpool, UK. to order samples, visit our website, or speak to one of our friendly team on 01938 551 990.


Check out our May Launch video for more on our new collections: