New Designs – Spring 2022

New Designs Spring 2022 – Introducing our new designs for Spring 2022. This launch is all about wellness and biophilia, creating calming spaces inspired by the natural world to increase wellbeing and productivity. From tonal organic weaves and botanical prints to large scale digital wallcoverings of landscapes and nature.

Bali and Hessian

This beautifully coordinated collection is inspired by the biophilic trend of bringing the outside in. The soft organic hessian texture with its imperfect rustic charm pairs perfectly with the delicate Bali print and will transport you to a chic idyllic retreat. The colour palette is underpinned by naturals of taupe, stone, grey and umber with accents of sage, vermillion and ocean blue.

Bali adds a soft palm print to the Hessian plain. The delicate transparent print allows the hessian texture to show through, creating the effect of a palm tree casting a shadow onto the wall.

Hessian is a rustic woven texture is enhanced by a deep emboss to create an organic tactile design for interest and depth.

Zenith II

Zenith II is all about raw, organic surfaces – wood, stone and textured woven effects. The soothing palette is inspired by natural landscapes. Warm greys and chalky neutrals sit harmoniously alongside biophilic accent tones of copper ore and moody sea blues.


Sanctuary is a collection of designs that focus on creating a calm and serene space utilising the power of the natural world on our wellbeing.

If you can’t get out into the wilderness then bringing it inside with wallcoverings is the next best thing.


Calming clouds for an ethereal effect. Cloud gazing is an excellent way to observe nature, relieve stress, and free your imagination!


Agate is linked to bright ideas and positive thinking. This crystal symbolizes harmony and rebalance. The soothing power of agate allows you to feel calm and safe wherever you are.


Lose yourself in the woods and explore the wilderness in this wistful sprawling landscape.


Broaden your horizons and explore new possibilities! This endless horizon wallcovering bridges the gap between the outdoors and the indoors.


This crashing waves design brings the calming effects of being by the sea to your interior. The deep azure blue is associated with feelings of peacefulness and wellbeing.


It’s no surprise that ammonites, with their spiral shape, are symbols of change and positive motion. The spiral draws in negative energy, filtering it through the chambers and releasing fresh, positive energy. Rough textured stone, soft mineral tones, and scattered fossil patterns draw on our calming connection to the earth.

See Bali, Hessian, Zenith II and Sanctuary and order samples here.