New Designs for May 2023

Organic Elements and Timeless Sophistication Inspire our May 2023 Launch

Our brand new stocked collections Meadow and Carrara encapsulate the moody ambience of our Dark Matter trend, whilst capturing the essence of biophilic design. Inspired by organic elements, these timeless and sophisticated commercial wallcovering designs find a perfect partner with our popular Lyon and Lyon Stripe collections. See all of our new designs and more on our website, or read on to dive into the inspiration behind our fresh designs for spring.

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Meadow, Lyon and Lyon stripe

Meadow, Lyon and Lyon stripe have been specifically styled to create a full scheme solution, and can all be mixed and matched to create a complimentary or contrasting design statement.

Lyon’s elegant vertical spun silk design, featuring a delicately detailed emboss that catches the light and captures the character of this classic fabric. The colour palette is calm and muted, with trend pops hero colours.

Lyon is one of our best sellers, so we’ve given it a refresh and introduced 3 new colour ways based on our trend research: rust, noir and lavender have been added to the collection, which coordinate perfectly with our new Meadow design.

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Carrara marble has been quarried since Roman times in the mountains just outside the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy.

Our new design pays homage to the raw organic nuances within marble, enhanced by the rough stone emboss, and accented by delicate metallic veins which add a touch of elegance to this organic design.

The colour palette is soft and sophisticated based on the natural mineral tones of marble, with the deep slate grey adding drama.

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All of these products re made by our experts in our factory in Welshpool, UK. to order samples, visit our website, or speak to one of our friendly team on 01938 551 990.


Check out our May Launch video for more on our new collections: