New Designer Collaboration with the Patternistas

Having previewed two designs at Heimtextil earlier this year, we’re very excited to introduce our latest designer collaboration with husband and wife duo, Chris and Suzanne Carpenter, AKA the Patternistas. Creative, inspiring, and joyful, this dynamic team are anything but bland, their award-winning studio has built a reputation for creating eye-popping, decorative products and spaces that stimulate the senses and put smiles on faces.

Designing for both commercial and residential interiors, much of their work is influenced by their childhood experiences of living in exotic countries; Suzanne in Zambia and Chris in Singapore.

“At an impressionable age we each experienced a spirit soaring, culture shift that left us with a love of bold pattern and vibrant colour. The people in those diverse communities seemed so beautifully flamboyant and awe inspiring that we’ve been on a mission to stand out, rather than blend, in ever since”, explains Suzanne.

Never short of inspiration, Chris advocates that design as a lifestyle not just a job, “At home or abroad, on a bike or on foot, night and day, our life is an intense game of I-spy; peering at ripples in puddles, staring at shadows of trees. Collecting, absorbing, recording, creating; patterns underpin how they see the world.”

Based on the graphic exploration of natural forms, the Newmor Patternistas collection of five eclectic designs can be recoloured, re-scaled and printed onto any of our wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.



SECRET is inspired by walks in the woods, trips to tropical greenhouses and exploring secret gardens. It’s always a pleasure to be amongst lush foliage and so we’ve layered tree branches large and small to create a leafy pattern that is both refreshing and relaxing.


TERN evolved from our excitement at witnessing a sharp, white bird darting around the sea in Croatia. It’s silhouette was reminiscent of the 1930’s air travel graphics that we love so much and so it seemed natural to stylise it into it’s present form and let it fly above background colours from it’s natural environment: sky, sand, sea, mist and dusk.


For us, folk art has a universal language and appeal that can be harnessed to create a feeling of warmth and exuberance. This was the starting point for our WEEKEND pattern which consists of symmetrical, stylised fronds and flowers forming a contemporary motif with traditional roots.


We’re drawn to geometry in nature and fascinated by the enormous influence it has on the world around us. Our DIAMONDS pattern is based on tropical leaves with mirror symmetry arranged in a formal tile repeat with the option to incorporate a pattern break and combine two complimentary colourways.


Cactus have escaped the desert and become the ultimate interior accessory. Sculptural, stylish and easy to look after; what’s not to love? For the last 15years we’ve shared our living room with a beast of a cactus which, at present, stands around 2 metres tall. Our BANSHEE pattern is a combination of inky black line work with a range of strong background colours, but if you’re mad about monochrome you may have difficulty choosing between our two black and white options.

The ordering process is simple – send us your wall dimensions and chosen design. We’ll then send you samples to check colour and print quality, and a visual of the design fitted to your wall. Once these are approved we can get printing and your order will be dispatched within 7-10 days.