New design – Tela II

Tela, the Italian translation of Canvas provides the natural base to create unique interior schemes in any commercial setting. This explains the enduring appeal of the Tela collection, inspired by shades of unbleached natural linen fabric, the collection captures the soft pure tones that are so easy to decorate with. What sets Tela II apart from the competition is the introduction of ’metallic linen’!

Suzanne Edwards, Design Manager explains, ‘Introducing metallic into a palette inspired by natural linen shades sounds like a complete contradiction, but it’s exactly what this collection needed to evolve. We used a mixture ofmetallic ink in the textile print and emboss to create a unique product. The 4 metallic colours include warm inviting silver, a deeper dove-grey silver, a rich bronze and the classic appeal of an antique gold’.

Greys have become the neutral of choice with a lot of designers today, because they are such good foils for stronger colours in fabrics, feature walls and accessories. Suzanne highlights why selecting the right grey is key, ‘hitting just the right shade of grey can be tricky – too blue and it turns cold, too beige/grey and it becomes dated and boring. The new Tela II palette offers designers a choice of subtle shades of warm greys, pale straw creams, warm honey tones and highly fashionable grey tones in uncompromising solid colour and provocative metallic’.

For this collection, Newmor opted for the Cotton emboss, creating an even, deep textured finish which adds depth to a wall without overpowering the delicate linen print