Meet the Team – Trudy Paterson

Get to know Trudy Paterson – our Specification Sales Manager for the Midlands.

Trudy’s background in interior design and her passion for beautiful wallcoverings are what fuel her in her role at Newmor.

Trudy covers the Midlands – her area ranges from Derbyshire down to Northamptonshire.

Read on to find out more about Trudy’s love for the interiors industry, her life outside of work, and her favourite parts of her job.

Name: Trudy Paterson


Job role: Specification Sales Manager


Time at Newmor: 4 months, I’m a newbie!

Trudy, How does your experience working in the interior design industry inform your work here at Newmor?


I love interiors. I have been in the industry in some way or other pretty much all my working life. I like the diversity of design and thinking outside the box. Design is unique to every individual. We all have our own taste.  And that’s why I like Newmor – it offers many designs for every situation, and it can be altered to suit your scheme.

I love a before and after!


What are the highlights of your role?


I like going out on appointments and meeting new people, and seeing new designs and mood boards. Working with Architects, Interior designers, Hotels and contractors, hearing their passion for their design schemes is inspiring. And it also keeps me in the industry I love.

I like to get involved and help find that one wall covering or digital artwork that fits their design perfectly. Seeing a project through from start to finish and knowing that everyone is pleased with the finished result will be satisfying.


Food: I have so many haha – I do like to try and eat healthy, so I would have to say, Thai food. I love the country and its simplicity. The flavours of ginger, coriander and lime are all refreshing!

A close second to that is a Mezze platter, picky bits, very social and easy to eat. But then there’s Italian…need I say more?!


Film: It has to be either 50 First Dates, or Walk the Line. 50 first dates is one of my favourite films as I love drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, it’s a true romance!


Place: Thailand and Italy.

I’ve travelled around most of Thailand and had so many wonderful experiences, from water rafting to visiting the Buddha on a cliff top with monkeys running around. Such a beautiful country. And Italy – I visited there last year with a group of friends. We had so much fun visiting the Amalfi coast, visiting Pompeii and Sorrento. lots of Lemoncello and Aperol spritz.


Book: The Secret changed my way of thinking.



A big thank you to Trudy for taking part in our meet the team series. Keep an eye out for further instalments!


If you are a design practice based in the Midlands (from Derbyshire down to Northamptonshire) and would like to know more about our UK made Wallcoverings, get in touch with Trudy using the below details: