Meet The Team – Theresa and Ajit

In Novembers instalment of Meet The Team, we get to know Theresa and Ajit, who are valued members of our UAE team.

With almost 30 years at Newmor between them, Ajit and Theresa are a team to be reckoned with.

We sat down with them to get to talk about their work at Newmor UAE, what they like most about their roles, and their life outside of work.

You’ve both been a part of the Newmor team for a long time. Can you tell us about your time here and what it’s been like working together for the last ten years?


It’s been 19 years in Newmor for me but it seems like yesterday that I joined the company.  I still remember my birthday cake on the first day that I joined brought in by Iain and Derek.  It reminds of the warmth and kindness to deal with everyone both colleagues and customers.   Working with Ajit is great – he was very shy initially but adapted very well. We lent a helping hand to each other and learnt from mistakes and share a good rapport and work very well as a team. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile too even if he is busy. Newmor is a great place to work especially during the pandemic the assurance and support is commendable.


It’s been 10 years in Newmor for me but, I still remember the warm smile that Theresa had on the first day of my journey with Newmor. The smile still remains an integral part of the success for all who has worked with her. She is always there with her positive mindset which helps me and others to focus and work out a solution as a team. Its been a absolute delight and pleasure in working alongside her and I look forward for many more years to be working together.

Name: Theresa Dsouza

Job Role: Regional Manager (Commercial)

Time at Newmor: 19 Years!


Film: The first film I remember seeing with my dad and family was ‘Sound of Music’ it holds a very special place in my heart as these are memories of my childhood. It transports me back to a time when life was simpler and more carefree.  It allows me to relive the precious moments I spent with my family not forgetting the lovely goodies we got during the interval.

Place: As a kid I always wanted to visit Kashmir and finally when I made it this year I fell on the snow and ended up with a fracture but I still look forward to going back for its natural beauty and breathtaking views.  Some places are of sentimental value to me.

Saying: Health is Wealth – something my grandmother always said but we as children never understood this.   It emphasises the importance of taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing.  Without good health you cannot enjoy life’s experiences.

Name : Ajit Nambiar

Job role: UAE Sales Manager

Time at Newmor: 10 Years.


Food: We live to eat or we eat to live, either way we need to eat 😊. My favourite food will always be anything that is homecooked. I enjoy cooking (not Gordon Ramsay level). Dinner time is such a valuable time for us as a family.

Colour: Black – There is something mystical about black that has always intrigued me. Black is something that is simple yet elegant and I largely feel it represents me. There is always an element of surprise and at the same time it can also take in all the heat from the sun and still, remain cool.

Car: I would say cars are not my favourite but, my weakness. I am always fascinated with the engineering that goes behind it, there is something magical about it. They are no longer just mode of transport but an emotion.

A big thank you to Theresa and Ajit from our wonderful UAE team for sharing their stories with us.

Keep an eye out for further instalments of our meet the team series!