Meet The Team – Sian Clapton & Jess Broxton

We’d like to introduce you to our talented designers: Jess Broxton and Sian Clapton, who work passionately to bring Newmor’s products to life in our design studio.

With a combined experience of 37 years at Newmor, Jess and Sian are a team to be reckoned with. Carry on reading to get to know them better.

You both seem like great friends. What’s it like working so closely in the studio together?


Sian and myself work extremely well together – I’d say I hit the jackpot when I came to work with Sian. We are both a team and if there are any obstacles that come our way with a project we both communicate clearly to solve it and apply our strengths together! Teamwork makes the dream work!


I have the utmost respect for Jess. We have a great working relationship but also a lovely friendship too. We have some hilarious moments and are a terrible influence on each other. We are very close and can quite often second guess what the other is thinking. We can bounce ideas around without the fear of offending the other. Our studio is a wonderfully warm happy environment to work in. I think we both feel very lucky to work where we do and have each other to rely on.

Name: Sian Clapton

Job role: Print Design and Colour Co-Ordinator

Time at Newmor: 32 years on the 2nd September. (I spent my first 16 years in the wet studio and then another 16 years in the digital/design studio)

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland: A couple of my uncles, plus my sister-in-law, plus two cousins, one of which still works for Morland. We are a very small community in Welshpool, and I really do think of Newmor as extended family. I know lots of staff, past and present. I have worked alongside and remained close to some great people, who I would class as friends for life.



After home my favourite place would have to be Tenby. It’s vibrant, colourful and the beaches are fantastic. I have many happy memories of Tenby. It has become a joke amongst friends who think that I work for Tenby Tourist Board. It is like being abroad when the weather is hot but you also can’t beat donning your waterproofs and taking a long walk in the rain.

Food or Drink

I love having a glass of prosecco or red wine and cooking a Sunday lunch for all of the family. Homemade gravy, apple sauce, cauliflower cheese and of course brussel sprouts. My family have become so fussy that they now don’t want to go out to a restaurant, they just want to come around to our house.

Hobby / Activity

Although a little bit rusty I can Salsa dance (Cuban and Crossbody) along with Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba and Merengue. For me dancing just brings out lots of happy endorphins and is brilliant for keeping fit. You get to meet such a mix of people. I have had so much fun and have made so many friends. I have fallen over quite a few times too.

I am also the Queen of Pinterest. I can quite happily spend my free time looking at all sorts of gorgeous ideas. I have a number of boards to cover all topics. I am very passionate about colour and am very good at advising what colours, designs etc other people should be using. However, I am very indecisive when it comes to my own home. I just like everything.


Name: Jess Broxton

Job role: Surface Print & Graphic Designer

Time at Newmor: 5 years on the 26th April!

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland: No family at Newmor but I often get referred as Sian’s daughter, sister or even mistaken for Sian herself. Over the years I’ve noticed I’ve begun to pick up her mannerisms, quirky quotes and we’ve even started dressing similar!



YELLOW! I adore the colour yellow! I own multiple yellow summer dresses it’s a bit of a problem. Guaranteed if there is a summer event I will be wearing yellow, it’s become a joke amongst my friends as when they ask me what I’m wearing they already know. It makes me feel so happy and confident.

TV Show

My obsession with “George Clarke’s Old House, New Home” only started a few years ago which planted a seed of renovating an old tiny run-down cottage. Much to my Dad’s dismay I have watched every single episode, which inspired me to knock walls down, expose the original fire place, sandblast my house to an inch of its life and the list goes on… it’s a good job my dad is a builder! It’s my proudest achievement to date!

Food or Drink

I’d like to consider myself a Cider connoisseur! What else would you want to drink in a beer garden on a hot summer’s day?! My favourites are Henry Westons, Stowford Press or a simple Cider & Black! I’m yet to find one I enjoy more than Herefordshire’s. I will never get bored nor sick of it either! I can still be lady-like with a pint of cider in my hand, and you can’t persuade me otherwise!


A big thank you to Jess and Sian for taking part in our meet the team series. Keep an eye out for further instalments!