Meet The Team – Nathan Jones

In this month’s instalment of Meet The Team, we introduce Nathan Jones, our Stock and Purchasing Manager at Newmor. With over a decade of experience with us, Nathan plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our operations run smoothly. His journey through various departments, from export to sales, and eventually to his current role, highlights his deep understanding of the company’s operations.

Join us as we discuss Nathan’s daily responsibilities, memorable experiences, and passions outside of work; From his love for Liverpool FC to his role in founding a local football club, Nathan’s story is one of dedication and community spirit.

What is your role at Newmor, and what does a typical day look like for you??

I am the stock and purchasing manager here at Newmor. A typical day for me involves dealing with suppliers, checking our stock levels, forecasting for new orders and reporting on consumption levels. I am also involved with the sales side of our leisure sector.

How long have you been at Newmor?

I have been at Newmor now for 11 years.
When I joined the company full time I started in the export division and moved my way through various departments (including a not so memorable experience in the sales team) before finding my calling in the purchasing department and In 2019 I got promoted to Stock and Purchasing manager.
However previously before joining the team full time in 2013, I did two stints on the shop floor/warehouse during my summer holidays at university. This experience gave me a greater understanding of the collaboration between operations and management.

Any family past or present work at Newmor/Morland:

My future sister-in-law used to work here as part of the marketing team.

Can you share a memorable experience or project you’ve worked on during your time here?

I have many memorable experiences here at Newmor, the 50-year birthday celebration at Powys castle was a great day with a perfect setting where we celebrate the achievements of the company.
Also, I think the team bonding experience which took place recently was a personal favourite of mine, where a group of us, of different hiking experience, walked up Snowdown for a local charity. It was a brilliant team day out with some great people.



Film: I am a big fan of films, love anything from a good thriller to a fantasy. Just cant beat the Lord of the Rings trilogy, absolute masterpieces.

Drink: Over 6 months sober and counting! Use to be Guinness, but now I’m a lover of Pepsi Max.

Hobbies: Big football fan. I have supported Liverpool since I was a little lad and made my choice of university down to the fact that I supported the club.

I have also been a big part of the local football scene, me and a friend started up our own local Football club called Trewern FC and have been running it for 9 years. After stepping down this summer from the club and handing it over to the next generation the powers that be have decided to make me honorary president of the club. The club is something which means a lot to me so still being able to have an input (be it a bit smaller than previous) and I can’t wait to see the club grow.



A big thank you to Nathan for chatting with us.

Keep an eye out for further instalments of our meet the team series!