Meet The Team – David Johnston

This week we’re getting to know our Managing Director David – who’s been a part of the Newmor family for 26 years. From the factory floor to the sales team, he’s had an interesting journey through the company in a variety of roles.

We sat down with David to learn more about his life outside of work, his favourite places to visit, and his love of golf!

Name: David Johnston

Job Role: Managing Director

Time at Newmor: 26 Years

Any Family at Newmor Past or Present?: My Father worked at Newmor for many years.



David. You’ve been at Newmor for 26 years– almost your whole working career! What has your time here taught you?

My Newmor journey has been a diverse one– from starting out as a proof operator in 1997, I then moved on to purchasing. After that came customer service, operations, and sales, before I became Managing Director in 2018. Throughout my experience in these various roles, I was able to gain a deep understanding of our business and its needs – but I have found the true essence of what makes Newmor so great lies in our people.

As a family-owned business, Newmor fosters a genuine family atmosphere. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a close-knit family with generations working together – brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, all contributing to our shared legacy. This familial connection is at the heart of our success, creating a unique and special workplace here in Welshpool that I’m grateful to be a part of.


Place: Edinburgh is one of my favourite places which Ive visited many times. During the summer we have enjoyed the fringe festival and the atmosphere it brings to the city. Winters Hogmanay on Princes Street is an amazing experience. Spring and Autumn is obviously perfect for golf!

Saying: “Failure is success in progress.” ― Albert Einstein 

I have found this to be true in all aspects of life, success is born out of working hard and accepting that failure is not a point to give up. In a professional capacity I have made my fair share of mistakes though learning from them has enabled me to progress and most importantly pass knowledge onto others. 

Hobby: Away from work and family I enjoy playing golf, the exercise as well as the change of thought helps me unwind and recharge for the coming week. Occasionally, I might even have a beer in the 19th!

A big thank you to David for sharing his story with us.

Keep an eye out for further instalments of our meet the team series!