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Made in the UK

Made in the UK – Sold to the World

Did you know that the manufacturing sector accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s economic output, and we are the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world? Not only that but the UK is also regarded as a global leader in creative services.

newmor wallcoverings, made in the UK

Celebrating pattern and design in commercial installations globally.

Here at Newmor, we are proud to have been manufacturing and designing wallcoverings for over half a century. Established in 1967, Newmor is family-owned to this day. We operate in over 70 countries worldwide through a vast international distribution network and regional sales offices based in Poland, Dubai and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are the largest independent privately-owned commercial wallcovering manufacturer in the UK.

Rose Campbell, Head of Design, comments “I really value the hands-on time I have in the studio. My favourite part of product development is most definitely the sampling stage. As a designer working in a company that has its own manufacturing facility, it gives me the creative freedom to develop new concepts and experiment with effects by changing the embosses, colours etc. Plus, I get to work with a great team of people. Promoting design and British manufacturing is important to us. So, as well as our own studio, we support British design talent through our Newmor Designer collaborations.”

newmor wallcoverings, made in the UK

Made in the UK – Good for UK Business and Good for the Environment.

Specifying Newmor provides provenance, peace of mind, and knowledge that you are supporting UK manufacturing and design.

The fewer miles our products clock up on their way to you, the less harm we are doing to the planet. We hold stock, so you can order what you need when you need it, and not be tied to long lead times and uncertainty around transport.

newmor wallcoverings, made in the UK

Our in-house facility allows us to support any project timescale and budget. All designs can be recoloured, rescaled, and digitally printed onto any of our substrates including textures, metallics and window films.

David Johnson, MD explains, “Being responsive to our customer’s changing needs sits at the heart of our business. We have been able to support the growing hospitality sector due to our short lead times. At the same time, we have developed new collections and continued to invest in digital technology to support our custom specification business.”

 wallcoverings designed in britain

Known for design and manufacturing expertise.

As well as manufacturing thousands of stocked designs, we also produce custom-designed large format digital prints. Our combination of traditional manufacturing alongside cutting-edge new technology has resulted in the expansion of commission printing for brands that no longer manufacture in the UK.

newmor wallcoverings, digitally printed in the UK

From classic woven embosses, tweeds, linens, and silks to contemporary geometrics and metallic effects, we have thousands of textures, colours and patterns in stock. Our experienced design and production team also welcome one-off bespoke projects and will support you to realise your vision.

As a leading specialist in contract wallcoverings, Newmor has ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

newmor wallcoverings, made in the UK

Promoting design and British manufacturing is important to us. So, as well as our own studio, we support British design talent through our Newmor Designer collaborations. We currently have collections with Lois O’Hara, Leigh Bagley, Augustus Kotei, Patternistas, 2LG, Stephen Walter, Ptolemy Mann and Iona Crawford.

Fascinated with the concept of place, Stephen Walter meticulously and intricately draws maps and motifs from urban landscapes by hand. We scan these in super high resolution to faithfully reproduce every minute detail in wallcovering form.

Patternistas use colour and pattern with a focus on visual storytelling to invigorate interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by the natural world, experimentation with drawing, cutouts, mixed media and digital manipulation produce uplifting designs. Our Patternistas collaboration brings these customisable designs to the commercial interiors market.

A lover of the Modernist aesthetic, Leigh Bagley digitally creates prints which are rich in geometric motifs, form and colour. Leigh is a graduate of RCA and currently lectures at Glasgow School of Art. As with all of our Newmor Designer and Newmor Custom designs, Leigh Bagley’s designs can be customised and printed onto any of our base materials, including textures, metallics and window films.

Contact our friendly team to discuss your project on or call us on 01938 552 671, or see all of our wallcoverings at We look forward to hearing from you.