Introducing our latest Newmor Designer, Ptolemy Mann

We’re pleased to introduce our exciting new collaboration with hand weaver and colour consultant, Ptolemy Mann. Ptolemy has been running her own textile art and design studio since 1997, her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based artworks has become the basis for a modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making. This new collection of wallcoverings, designed exclusively for Newmor, can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of our wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

There are nine designs to choose from, each in a selection of carefully considered colourways. The whole range has been digitally created from hand dyed and woven rugs and fabrics, bridging the gap between craftsmanship and industrial production. Some are smooth and focus solely on the transitioning colours, and others faithfully reproduce the original tactile surfaces which can be enhanced by printing onto our textured base materials.

Ptolemy also runs her own colour consultancy, and although backed up with a wealth of colour theory training, she insists her colour decisions are purely instinctive. Ptolemy’s interest in daring and dynamic colour shows, but there’s always a neutral component which makes the designs easy to apply to hospitality interiors. We love the soft secondary colour palettes and graduating, in-between colours, the versatile pale tonal and muted shades, and of course there’s the option to recolour any of the designs for specific projects.

“I’ve never applied my signature ikat designs to a wallcovering before. This is brand new territory for me and it’s very exciting to see large scale repeats and different finishes. All of my work is directly taken from scans and photographs of pieces I have hand dyed and woven so I’m keen to keep the ‘handmade’ reference within the designs. Different weave and textile textures will be combined with colour and geometry. I really believe that new digital print technology can be used to bridge the gap between hand-crafted and industrial production. I’m interested in daring and dynamic colours but with a neutral component which makes the designs easy to apply to hospitality interiors. I’m determined to bring more colour into our lives.

Its been great working with Newmor – I love that everything they produce is made here in the UK – very special. The team have been very enthusiastic about my designs and it’s great when you get a good match between craft, art and industry; that’s when ideas flow and projects get creative.”

Prismatics installation Clerkenwell Design Week 2014.

Ptolemy has worked on many architectural and commercial projects. “Prismatic Landscapes” was a giant tile mural designed by Ptolemy for Johnson Tiles to line the entrance to Design Factory at Clerkenwell Design week in 2014. Spanning three outside walls of the Farmiloe’s iconic ‘cowshed’ entrance, the mural was created using 4,224 matt and gloss tiles.

Ptolemy Mann is the third artist in the Newmor Designer range, which aims to bring cutting edge artisanal design and craftsmanship to the contract market. Available alongside their vast range of stocked wallcoverings and Newmor Custom, a collection of bespoke trend-led designs created by Newmor’s own studio.

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