Video: How to install wide-width wallcovering

This video will show you how to install wide width fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering. The paste the wall process, and fewer joins means that installation is simple, and faster than normal wallcovering. The finished result, when correctly installed, is durable and will look fresh and smart for many years.

Materials that are needed:

Primer, adhesive, knife and/or joint cutter, plumb line or spirit level, plastic spatula, paint brush, roller, paint bucket, plastic strips, straight edge, sponge, tape measure, scissors.

Preparing the wall

Before installing your wallcovering ensure that the surface is sound, clean and dry. Fill any holes and make the wall good. We recommend that you use primer on all surfaces.

Preparing the wallcovering

Check the labels on the packaging to ensure the wallcoverings are as specified. Hanging instructions are included in every roll. Most contract wallcoverings should be reverse hung which eliminates any adverse shading effects. Rolls should be installed in sequence and should always be from the same batch. Cut the drops to size allowing 5cm trim top and bottom. Label the back of each drop with pencil ensuring that every other drop is hung in the opposite direction to avoid shading.

Hanging the wallcovering

Use a plumb line or spirit level to mark the edge of the first drop on every wall. We’ve used a laser level, which is helpful particularly when installing wallcovering with a pattern. Apply the adhesive to the wall with a roller, use a brush around the edges. Use light adhesive for paper-backed wallcoverings and heavy adhesive for fabric-backed wallcoverings. Surfaces that are not porous will need VOV adhesive.

Apply the wallcovering to the wall and use a spatula to remove all of the bubbles. Apply the second drop with a 5cm overlap and Insert a plastic strip to ensure the substrate is not damaged. Check your labels on the reverse of the wallcovering to ensure that this drop is reverse hung. Cut through both layers using a straight-edge as a guide. Remove the excess material, and smooth down to create a perfect, seamless join. Be careful not to get adhesive on the face of the wallcovering. Leave the material to settle before trimming the top and bottom

After three drops have been installed, step back and examine the results. If you have any queries, please contact us on 01938 551 990.

Click here to download full hanging instructions. Product shown in video is Shoreline fabric backed vinyl wallcovering.