bespoke custom digitally printed textured durable scrubbable antimicrobial wide width fabric backed vinyl wallcovering for healthcare hospital interiors




Healthcare Wallcoverings Collection

We’re pleased to be launching our healthcare wallcoverings collection. Newmor specialise in commercial quality, wide-width, fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK. With thousands of colours, textures and finishes, the options really are limitless.

Vinyl wallcoverings are highly durable and the perfect solution for healthcare interiors. They are suitable for high traffic areas, washable and scrubbable, cost effective when compared with paint and sustainably manufactured.

digital forest healthcare wallcovering

forest digital wallcovering

All of our healthcare wallcoverings contain an antimicrobial additive called Ultra-Fresh which has been clinically proven to provide highly effective broad spectrum activity against bacteria  and dust mites.

with and without ultrafresh

Ultrafresh for healthcare wallcoverings

Our products are all manufactured to exceed all the relevant British and international performance and fire safety standards. Lasting up to 15 years, our wallcoverings are highly durable and engineered to withstand impact, abrasion, high volumes of traffic and frequent cleaning.

Installation is efficient and cost effective and during the first 15 years there are no additional costs to be expected. Painted surfaces need to be refreshed and repainted regularly meaning that over 15 years, wallcoverings are a much more cost effective option.

We have also included Tedlar coated options. Tedlar wallcoverings are protected by a film which provides a barrier against stains, the harshest of cleaning products and graffiti.

healthcare wallcoverings

wallcoverings for healthcare interiors

Newmor are committed to healthier indoor air quality, manufacturing and product transparency and reducing our environmental impact. See our full environmental policy here.

We have collated the collection into six colour based themes inspired by nature. Each page features a Tedlar design, a custom printable mural, and five harmonious textures which work together and by themselves.

window film healthcare corridor

window film for healthcare interiors

Our dry erase surfaces are supplied by the metre and installation is as easy as applying any wide-width wallcovering. Perfect for meeting rooms, wards, consultation rooms, reception areas and many more.

We also supply bespoke wallcoverings and window films! Send us your artwork, find an image on a stock library, create something bespoke with our in-house design department, or visit to choose from our Designer or Custom ranges. We can print onto any of our base materials, including textures, metallics and window films.

We hope you like it! Click here to see the full collection and to order samples. You can also see an online version of the brochure here.