Evolution of the Workplace

We have all seen the lines between home, workplace and hospitality become increasingly blurred. We supply hospitality, hotel and workplace sectors with wallcoverings, here is a look at the changes we have seen, and how this is affecting the products we offer.

Hospitality public spaces have long been used by people to catch up on emails, but they are now actively serving as co-working areas where you can even find presentation zones to host a meeting. Working in cafes has always been popular, but this trend has transcended into restaurants where people no longer just come to eat but also work. Our wallcoverings cover all the bases, with everything from textured backgrounds, to feature designs, large scale bespoke digital prints, window graphics, and dry erase wallcoverings.

Wallcoverings in the Workplace

Newmor Wallcoverings at The Intercontintental, O2

At the same time as hospitality spaces are adapting for work, we can see workplaces providing employees with places to relax and collaborate, as employees no longer look for lines of desks, but instead softer spaces like their own homes. Wallcoverings are ideal for wayfinding and creating continuity between different areas of public spaces. Often these spaces also lend themselves to more dramatic designs and large-scale digitally printed designs to add drama and focal points. Our digital wallcoverings can be found in MyLounge, a laidback oasis located in London Gatwick Airport. The clever use of design, scale and colour effects create a welcoming space, contrasting with the sterile airport environment. Different designs and colour palettes separate formal and informal dining, and seating options to ensure visitors feel at home. Zoned spaces allow travellers to relax or catch up with work.

Wallcoverings in the Workplace

Newmor Wallcoverings in MyLounge Gatwick

We see workplaces going through a huge transition as there is a growing focus on wellbeing, sanitation, and creating more of a homely environment. Wallcoverings can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of different spaces Рcreate calming break-out areas with biophilic surfaces, reception areas with feature designs and core branding, or inspiring meeting rooms with energising, colourful prints. All the time withstanding high traffic and the daily cleaning and maintenance expected in today’s climate. The social and study amenity space within The Toybox (header image), a new-build, 15-storey student accommodation block in Birmingham is an ideal example.

Wallcoverings in the Workplace

Newmor Wallcoverings at Symons House, Leeds

We have also seen the impact of people choosing to work remotely, balancing their work and home life, and only visiting their office spaces for group meetings, creative sessions and networking events. This, in turn, has meant that there has been a shift in dynamic from a focus on desk seating to break out and meeting areas. This has resulted in the interior design and architecture of these spaces adapting to modular seating solutions and brighter colour palettes to inspire and invite create conversations.

Wallcoverings in the Workplace

Newmor Wallcoverings at Ibis Styles Bournemouth

We also see public spaces becoming even more multifunctional, with people choosing different places to pick up their laptops and work, from cafes to lobbies and libraries to restaurants. The freedom from stereotype design formats is giving designers greater flexibility to experiment with different designs, patterns and colours to create areas with interest and diversity.

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