Newmor Design and Colour Trends 2022

Newmor Design & Colour Trends 2022 – Newmor specialises in wide-width fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. A family-owned business started in 1967, we take pride in manufacturing all of our products at our factory in Wales, UK.

This year we’re pleased to share snippets from our colour & design trend observations for 2022. Our design team use these trends throughout the year to develop our textures, patterns and colour palettes.

2021 was another difficult year as we have had to get used to living with Covid and the challenges it has brought while COP26 also provided a reality check. This has had us all reminiscing about happier times which has directly influenced the trends for this year. There’s a nostalgic thread running through with bold pattern and colour that makes us feel safe and cautiously optimistic about the future. Quality, craftsmanship, classic design, nostalgia, nature, sustainability and the metaverse are key drivers for our design and colour trends 2022.

We hope you’ll find them useful and inspiring.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

The New Romantics movement was a pop culture movement that started in the late ‘70s and is characterised by flamboyant fashion influenced by Victorian Dandies. Here we see the trend being given a modern twist. It’s all about classic elegance and understated luxury, with bold contrasts of off white and black and the resurgence of reds making a dramatic statement. Quality and craftsmanship are also key to this trend.

Key colours: Black and off white (greys and beiges), all shades of red, metallic highlights.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

Following on from the biophilic trend which focuses on plants and greens, there is now a strong focus on blues inspired by the sky and sea. This is fresh and invigorating with weathered surfaces. Denim, marble and modern takes on blue and white stoneware are strong influences on the Moody Blues trend which pair well with tan leather, wood and brass finishes to keep the overall look warm and inviting.

Key colours: All shades of blue, from seafoam to navy, tan, brass and warm neutrals.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

Cocoon is all about wellness and creating a sanctuary, having soft organic things around you that calm your mind and encourage serenity. Beautiful textures ignite the senses and the cosy palette is warm and calming. Natural textures are key. Rattan, weaves, boucle finishes and handmade paper are integral to this look.

Key colours: Warm neutrals, clay, sage green, nude.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

Pattern clash and individual style underpin Into The Mix. Anything goes and it’s a bold statement that also has a strong make-do-and-mend aesthetic. Chintzy and check fabrics patched together create a fun and nostalgic aesthetic with a strong message of recycling and sustainability

Key colours: Anything goes but slightly aged and muted brights.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

Night Fever is a modern twist on the ‘60s and ‘70s, showcasing geometric patterns, rounded tubular shapes and lux finishes. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality materials including leather, velvet and fur paired with the sumptuous colour palette it’s bringing the ‘70s right up to date.

Key colours: Brown, orange, mustard avocado, burgundy, teal in sumptuous jewel tones.

Newmor Design & Colour Trends for 2022

Protopia is a word coined by Kevin Kelly meaning a positive but not perfect future, the Protopia trend is looking forward to a metaverse influenced futuristic trend which celebrates advances in technology and materials. The bright and joyous palette is enhanced by lighting effects, ombres and metallics.

Key colours: Neon, violet, pink, turquoise, metallics, micas, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022 – Very Peri.

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