Biophilic Wallcoverings

Biophilic Wallcoverings – The term biophilia was first coined by German-born American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm in the early 70s, to describe ‘the passionate love of life and of all that is alive’.  There are many ways to approach introducing biophilia into interiors, from pattern, colour and texture to lighting, planting, curved shapes and water features.

Good biophilic design should encapsulate all elements of nature to create enduring, liveable spaces. So, it’s refreshing to see architecture and interior design moving away from concrete jungles and heavy steel structures to incorporating more natural elements, from vibrant oasis walls to freshwater aquariums and air filtration systems. Textiles and soft furnishings play an important role in tying biophilic design schemes together through the use of natural colours, organic, dry textures and designs inspired by flora, fauna, and botanicals.

A recent study by Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health Sir Cary Cooper entitled ‘Biophilic Design in the Workplace’ surveyed 3,600 office workers across Europe and the Middle East. The results showed how internal green space, natural light and foliage boost the mood, productivity and job satisfaction of employees while also reducing stress.

Watercolour Botanical biophilic wallcovering at Piencone, LA

Watercolour Botanical biophilic wallcovering at Piencone, LA. See the case study here.

Wallcoverings are a great way to combine colour and print to mimic the natural world – from the organic colours and textures of stone, wood, and botanicals, to print and patterns inspired by landscapes, fauna and flora. Using biophilic inspired designs for the spaces we live, work, and relax in can increase feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and serenity. It has also been shown to improve concentration, creativity, and productivity, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The second mood board in our collaboration with ILIV and Table Place Chairs is all about biophilia. Click here to read about how we have incorporated biophilic design into our products on Hotel Designs.

We provide interior designers with the ultimate choice of biophilic inspired patterns. From Leaves, a large-scale skeletal leaf design to our wonderfully witty Banshee cacti pattern by The Patternistas, and the pure drama of Blooming Marvellous, a collection of large scale palms and florals. All designs can be printed onto vinyl wallcovering or window film, creating even more opportunities to incorporate biophilia in interiors today.

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